This brutalist building, which has housed the Stockholm School of Architecture since it was built in 1969, has consistently been voted the ugliest in Stockholm. Protected by its thick concrete shell, it has kept its integrity by miraculously avoiding waves of denaturing redevelopment. As in a time capsule, its interior has been kept from the general public.

Today, it offers a rare opportunity to create a unique and inspirational environment at a minimal cost. Its raw spaces, central location, and diversified existing typologies — including auditoriums, landscaped parking garage, fabrication workshops, and studio spaces — provide a rich condition for the creation of a new international hub for innovation, knowledge production, entrepreneurship, food and culture.

Through focused but powerful interventions, teaming with leading entrepreneurs, artists and chefs, AtelierSlice will lead the transformation of this very introverted building into an active piece of the city. By bringing together partners and programs which will complement and strengthen each other on a long term basis, the A HOUSE will contribute to the development of a world-leading innovation ecosystem for Stockholm, further positioning it as a city of knowledge, ideas and creativity.

Position in the city

The A HOUSE is ten minute walk from the city center, just south of the campus of the Royal Institute of Technology. The area features the offices of several major media companies such as Spotify. It is a strategic location for the development of a new center for innovators and entrepreneurs, where technology, media and fashion can come together.

Akademiska Hus

Owned by Akademiska Hus, one of the largest property owners in Sweden who specializes in creative knowledge environments, the A HOUSE’s background as an academic institution predisposes it to attract partners and generate content of the highest intellectual level.

Entrepreneurial Center

Innovation in the A HOUSE will be underpinned by leading accelerator and incubator programs, event programming and conference series, forming a platform for exchange between key industry figures and startups.


The public programs of the A HOUSE will feature a restaurant run by a world celebrated chef, as well as a food markets, bars, lounges and bakeries conceptualized by AtelierSlice.